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Apr 11 2015
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Curt Schilling
Well, the rest of your life up to
the point when you are
diagnosed with cancer. I get what
you’re thinking. You’re 16 — you’
re invincible, just like all your
buddies. If you were to jump
ahead 33 years, you couldn’t
write a better dream than the one
your life is going to be.
Dear 16-year-old Curt,
Tomorrow at lunch, a kid is going to dare
you to take a dip of Copenhagen. If you say
yes, like I did, you’ll be addicted for the
rest of your life.
Nicotine and the Developing Human:
A Neglected Element in the Electronic Cigarette Debate
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With Thanks to: Karen Zielaski, Project Manager, Consultant,, 480.678.3869
No Smoking Including E-cigarettes and All Other Electronic Smoking Devices
Tobacco 21 (T21) in Arizona
​Tobacco 21 or T21 is a fairly new tobacco control effort in Arizona however it is gathering momentum.  On 06/02/2016 Yavapai Anti-Tobacco Coalition of
Youth (YATCY) encouraged the Cottonwood City Council to pass an ordinance to raise the age to purchase tobacco products and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21.  
Cottonwood is Arizona's 1st T21 Community!
​Effective 08/11/17 we are very proud to announce that the Cochise County Youth Health Coalition (DCrew) has encouraged the Douglas City Council to also
pass an ordinance to raise the age to purchase tobacco products and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21.  
Douglas is Arizona's 2nd T21 Community!

​Other T21 efforts in Arizona are on-going.  There is currently an effort
underway in Tucson.  Watch this space for more details.
​The reasons for Tobacco 21 are numerous.  

Here's the national Tobacco 21 website ( with more information including a state-by-state analysis of Tobacco 21 status/achievements:
E-Cigarettes Cessation
                    Resources provided by Truth Initiative
E-Cigarettes - Truth Initiative

Is your kid using JUUL or another e-cigarette?  Here's how you can help them
Read this article

How to quit JUUL
Read this article

How much nicotine is in JUUL? Read this article

This is Quitting

Text QUIT to 706-222-QUIT (sms: 1-706-222-7848) to leave JUUL or your e-cig.
QUITNOW to 202-759-6436 (sms 1-202-759-6436) to quit cigarettes

Additional Resources provided by Pima County Health Department:

The Real Deal on Vaping
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its Affiliates are a statewide philanthropy
and partnership of donors, volunteers,
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community working together to empower
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Arizonans Concerned About Smoking, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Corporation, would like to expressour appreciation for
partial funding provided by
Arizona Community Foundation.
With your generous support, we are able to blaze new trails into areas where others fear to tread.
We can continue our life-saving health educational efforts thanks to you.
"Partial funding provided by the Arizona Community Foundation"
Smoke-Free Arizona has been the law since May, 2007;
however un-lawful smoking sometimes continues to occur
well within 20 feet of all Arizona Business entrances.

How Arizona Businesses Can Comply with the Law:  
Smoke-Free Arizona Business Compliance

How to Report a Violation (iPhone and Android Apps are
Smoke-Free Arizona Report Violations

The public is encouraged to report businesses that are not in
compliance with the Smoke-Free Arizona Act to the Arizona
Department of Health Services. Complainants may choose to
remain anonymous. County health departments are in charge of
investigating complaints about violations of the Smoke-Free
Arizona Act.

To learn more or if You have questions call us at (480) 733-5864.
Is this what You sometimes see at Arizona Business entrances?  If so, please
report it.  You can report it easily and anonymously or by submitting an
on-line complant.  See how to report a violation on the left.  To submit a
complaint You can also call (877) 429-6676.  Thank You for being a SFA
Advocate in Your Community!
11th Annual ACAS Health Leadership Award Ceremony on 02.23.19
Watch this space for more information about our 11th Annual Health Leadership Award Ceremony on February 23, 2019

When: February 23, 2019, 10 AM to 12 Noon.    Where: Tempe Pyle Adult Center, 655 E Southern Ave. Tempe, AZ 85282
(Southwest Corner of Rural and Southern, just north of U.S. 60)                                 
2019 (Tobacco Control) Health Leadership Inductees:

Nonsmokers, Incorporated - First successful workplace ballot initiative against the tobacco industry in the U.S.
Graham County Students Taking a Road to Success (STARS) - Smoke Free Parks, No E-Cigarettes Allowed - Thatcher, AZ
City Council of Prescott, Arizona - Smoke Free Parks, No E-Cigarettes Allowed - Prescott, AZ
Town Council of Fountain Hills, Arizona - Smoke-Free Parks, No E-Cigarettes Allowed - Fountain Hills, AZ
Arizona Students Aiming for Prevention (ASAP) - Flagstaff adds E-Cigarettes to their Tobacco Control policy (as of 01.10.19)
Coconino Anti-Tobacco Students (CATS) - Flagstaff adds E-Cigarettes to their Tobacco Control policy (as of 01.10.19)

For pictures from 8th (2016), 9th (2017), 10th (2018) and 11th (2019) Annual Health Leadership
Award Ceremonies click
Senator McConnell Supports Bill to Raise Minimum Age to Buy Tobacco to 21.  See Facebook for video
The Tobacco Control Legal Consortium provides an outstanding Model Ordinance for Tobacco 21 for Your Community.  Here's the link to their model policy:

Tobacco 21 Model Ordinance

The Tobacco Control Legal Consortium also provides a Toolkit:

Tobacco21:  Tips and Tools

Please contact us at (480) 733-5864 for more information or to learn how to help make Tobacco 21 a reality in Your community here in Arizona.