Arizonans Concerned About Smoking (ACAS), strongly advocates that: Assuring safe, healthful, smoke-free workplaces for all workers is
more than a health issue. It is a clear civil rights issue. We need workplace laws without the loopholes so common in past “partial smoke-
free” legislation. Carcinogenic tobacco smoke is the number one cause of preventable chronic disease deaths in America. We reject
arguments excusing health protection loopholes, based upon deception, “sham privacy” claims, gimmicks (such as “electronic
cigarettes”), ethnicity, color, social or economic class, etc. There is no longer (and never was) a proper place for “White Only”, signs, or
subtle: “Blacks, Latinos & American Indians Need Not Apply” job policies. Women and men must be paid the same (not unequally) when
doing exactly the same job.

My Own Personal Civil Rights Journey:  As a small child, the de-humanization of slavery, and stories about selling humans to the highest
bidder, were somewhat overwhelming to me.  It was distressing to learn that the male United States Declaration of Independence and
Constitution authors said that: “All Men are created equal,” but Women, People of Color, and Native Americans (from whom the land was
taken) were all denied the right to vote. Native Americans were referred to as “merciless Indian Savages.”   

Just as remedial action civil rights laws were needed in the past, workplace civil rights laws are currently needed to “Close The
Loopholes” for workplace coverage of overlooked casino workers. Leaving out workers at casinos, fraternal/military clubs (for U.S.
veterans), and “sham” private clubs, are modern versions of “second class” citizenship for civil rights and health protection. Smoking
control laws must avoid the trap of allowing pro-tobacco advocates to promote costly ventilation systems which reduce smell, but unlike
smoking bans, can’t remove cancer risks. Separate Smoking and Non-Smoking sections are also ineffective, as pointed out by the:
“America Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers” (ASHRAE), because of immediate diffusion of smoke/gases to
entirely penetrate enclosed spaces. Scientific research has long shown that banning indoor smoking at its source, is the only way to
adequately achieve indoor air safety standards.  

We must protect workplace civil rights & CLOSE THE LOOPHOLES in workplace smoke protection laws.  
“No one should have to choose between their health and their Job”                                 

Leland L. Fairbanks, MD, MPH
President, Arizonans Concerned About Smoking
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Arizonans Concerned About Smoking (ACAS) is a non-profit, pro-health organization.  Our goal is to save lives through public awareness
regarding the hazards of tobacco use, especially when approaching and in enclosed public places.  We accomplish this by advocating
public policy which promotes a more healthy, smoke-free society.  We believe that all individuals should have a healthy smoke-free
workplace and home (including those living in multiunit housing).  No one should have to be exposed to drifting second-hand smoke in
their homes or on their jobs.
No one should have to choose between their health and their job.  We also support and highly encourage promotion of outdoor "Tobacco
and Smoke-Free Campus policies (including no e-cigarettes)" throughout the State and Nation, at Institutions of Higher Learning, Parks,
Sports Arenas, Shopping Centers, Performance and Outdoor meeting venues, Public settings, wherever people gather together, as well
as work-places.  We are inspired and motivated by the "Smoke-Free Society in the United States" challenge of Former Surgeon General of
the United States, C. Everett Koop.
"The crusade led by a Scottsdale
woman, Betty Carnes, [who] laid siege to
the Arizona legislature for its 1972 &
1973 terms [resulted in] the first "serious
anti- smoking rules".
(op. cit. p. 374)
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Arizonans Concerned About Smoking, Inc.
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The Work
of ACAS:
ACAS's work, achieving health-promoting smoke-free workplaces for all employees, actually began informally in 1957.  At that time,
current ACAS President, Leland L. Fairbanks was a U.S. Public Health physician and tobacco control advocate.  Arizonans Concerned
About Smoking's founder, Betty Carnes, began her smoke-free advocacy work in 1964, following the First U.S. Surgeon General's Report
by Dr. Luther Terry.  Her early work, some 30 years ago, is documented in the Pulitzer prize-winning book 'Ashes to Ashes:America's
Hundred-Year Cigarette War' by Richard Kluger, (1996).

Since then, ACAS, incorporated in 1977, continues to lead and support many local and state-wide tobacco control efforts; as an effective
citizen-based, non-profit, tax exempt corporation whose purpose is "To Save Lives"  and "Achieve Tobacco Free Environments".
"Healthy Smoke-Free
Workplaces –
a Civil Rights Issue"

by Leland Fairbanks, President,
ACAS promotes Smoke and Vape-Free environments and helps empower Arizonans with their unique Tobacco Control concern ...